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A Worldwide Web of Intentions, Stakeholders, and Results

The domain has been registered for potential hosting of tools, applications, and services supporting the Strategy Markup Language (StratML) standard to enable individuals and organizations to form "truly connected" communities.

Related initiatives include "smart cities" and "sister cities". However, the focus of the former is on connecting technology in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the focus of the latter is on specialized interests of paired cities.

By contrast, Truly Connected Communities are about more than high-speed cable and wireless voice and data communication or other narrowly specialized interests. Instead, they are characterized by highly productive interactions among people (individual human beings) based upon shared values grounded in the collaborative pursuit of common and complementary objectives of all kinds, with or without reference to locality.

For example, communities may be formed around interests (CoIs) or practices (CoPs). For social purposes, interpersonal communication itself may be the desired self-serving outcome, e.g., in social networking services. That is certainly a worthy purpose and it has made billionaires of those who do it best. However, for more mature business-quality purposes, truly and consciously connected human beings will form communities of results (CoRs) in service to others, thereby engaging performance partners to produce highly meaningful outcomes far more efficiently and effectively than ever before possible.

See also Wikipedia's article on the concept of community and The Atlantic's July 3, 2017, article entitled "What Does 'Community' Mean? The term's evolution makes a nice metaphor for the rise of American individualism - and the decline of trust in American institutions."

An application has been filed to trademark the phrase Truly Connected. If the trademark is approved, it may be franchised for use by: a) individuals and organizations documenting their plans on the Web in StratML format, and b) online tool, application, and service providers supporting the StratML standard (ISO 17469-1 & formerly ANSI/AIIM 22:2017).

If you'd like to participate in crowdsourcing development of the Connected Communities Network, please contact Owen Ambur, who chairs the StratML Committee.

If you'd like to help make Hilton Head the world's first and foremost truly connected community, feel free to engage in the town's comprehensive planning process. Click here to review and comment on the draft plan.

Without the engagement of enlightened individuals like you, the vision of the StratML standard simply cannot be realized: A worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results.

** About our logos: The StratML logo depicts a virtuous cycle in a worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results. The Truly Connected Community logo conveys the concept of people collaboratively lending a hand toward continuous improvement of our virtually shrinking world. Together, we can make it happen.