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Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Hilton Head

A Truly Connected Community

The final version of Town of Hilton Head's state-mandated comprehensive plan approved by the Town Council is available in PDF here. The goals and objectives set forth in the plan are also available in StratML format.

As the Town updates and maintains its plan, it should be easy for stakeholders to participate in the process by reviewing and commenting on the goals and objectives it establishes.

Toward that end, anyone who cares to do so can review the plan by clicking on this link to the March 3, 2020, draft issued by the town staff for final review by the work groups and Plan Development Team. Comments can be submitted on each proposed goal and objective by clicking on the mailto links contained in the plan. Comments will appear in the Google group discussion forum. Automatically generated PDF renditions are also available in StratML Part 1, strategic plan, and Part 2, performance plan/report, format.

A February 10 summary compliation of the goals is available here. A more visually appealing automatically generated PDF is available here but it does not contain the mailto Comment links and the Relationship links do not work as well.

Owen Ambur also set up a forum for potential use by the work group charged with helping to make Hilton Head an even more highly connected and collaborative community, on which he was appointed to serve. The draft plans for each of the work groups are available in Strategy Markup Language (StratML) here:

  1. Connected Community Work Group - Discussion Forum | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  2. Economy Work Group | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  3. Environmental Sustainability Work Group | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  4. Inclusive Community Work Group | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  5. Infrastructure Work Group | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  6. Excellence Work Group - | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  7. Regional Work Group - | Staff Edits 11/22/19 - PDF | 1/6/20 - PDF

  8. Parks & Recreation Master Plan Task Group - Lose Design Draft | PDF

Beyond submitting comments for others to consider, organizations and individuals should take it upon themselves to document their proposed objectives and link (strategically align) them to the goals outlined in the comprehensive plan. Anyone who'd like to do so and needs assistance is invited to contact Owen

Please note, however, that these forums currently have no official status and no warranties are being made as to their usage.  They are merely being offered in the spirit of openness, engagement, efficiency, and collaboration for whatever value they may lend to the process.  Eventually, the results will speak for themselves in the updated content of the comprehensive plan and, ultimately, the outcomes for our community.

See also this informal plan entitled "Hilton Head Island: The World's First & Foremost Truly Connected Community" resulting from a meeting with two members of the Hilton Head Town Council.

The contents of the destination marketing plan presented to the Town Council by Ariana Pernice of the Chamber of Commerce during a virtual meeting of the Town Council on June 2, 2020, is also available in StratML format as well as PDF automatically generated from the XML.

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